14 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are almost unavoidable in our digital experience.

Depending on which part of the digital life you are in, whether you are a developer or every other app user, you may need to learn about how different types of apps are coded.

Over the last decade, there’s been a number of world-class programmers and app development firm that specializes in this stuff.

So if you want to get ahead of the curve, it’s vital that you start from there.

That said, let’s go right ahead to review 14 top programming languages used in making mobile applications for your smart phones.

1) Python

Python is an object oriented programming language that has risen in popularity owing to its many attractions.

Python has great online community it could have an edge in mobile development in AI apps.

Some experts argue that development with Python is faster than many other programming languages because of its feature as a dynamically typed programming language.

However, in developing mobile applications for android and IOS, it may take more time to build rich user experience compared to other suitable programming languages.

2) Java

Java is an object oriented programming language which is used to code on all sorts of systems.

It is a complete language, however it is statically typed. It has a larger community and platform support.

An advantage of Java over Python is it is the native language for android development which is the application with very wide device coverage. 

3) JavaScript

JavaScript is a client side scripting language, which is the language for web applications and has been applied in rich user apps like games as well.

As a mobile development language, loads of work has been done with frameworks that let developers create with JavaScript.

In combination with HTML5 and other web technologies, it is the closest we have to realising an application that fulfils the promise of ‘code once run everywhere’.

Example is using Cordova or Ionic, one of the top used frameworks for mobile application with Javascript.

4) PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language by Zend Technologies. The new PHP unlike in the old days when it was only used in web scripting, can now be used to make full blown mobile applications, IOS and Android apps.

5) C++

Also Cpp is a general purpose object oriented language that allows low-level memory manipulation.

C++ is the darling to call upon for games development and in mobile development also because it allows cross platform capability.

It can be used in coding Windows, Android and IOS apps.

6) Swift

Swift is applicable for IOS mobile apps only. It was designed by Apple Inc. in 2014 for the purpose.

7) Objective C

Objective C is an object oriented general purpose language derived from C language.

Similar to Swift, it is used for iOS and OS X. Development. It is the precursor of Swift language.

8) C#

A more recent programming language after C++, widely used in Microsoft apps. With Xamrin platform, developers can readily build both Android and iOS apps in C#.

9) Pearl

Pearl is a dynamic programming language and it has wide applications in web development, games and apps.

It comes with an attractive platform support as Google provides its APK for developers of Android apps.

10) Rust

Rust is a multi-paradigm, general purpose programming language provide by Mozilla.

Its management tool is an advantage over what Rugby and Python offers however it is not yet a mature language.

Rust can be used to create all kinds of mobile apps.

11) Kotlin

Kotlin is a native language for making Android apps.

It is almost a sister of Java, built to be simpler and target mobile development and it can work with Java too.

12) Corona

Corona makes it easy to build Android apps.

13) QML

Qt Meta Language is a cross platform capable language for making mobile application.

It comes with the advantage of touch input API, smooth animation and cool user interfacing.

14) Ruby

Ruby is a multi-paradigm, general purpose object oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 1990s.

Ruby is the programming language to learn because of the demands and the utility.

It can be used in Android, iO, Windows and OS X app development.